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The Jute Mill Song - Various - Coorse And Fine, Songs And Ballads Of Dundee

Download The Jute Mill Song - Various - Coorse And Fine, Songs And Ballads Of Dundee

My mother put Songs And Ballads Of Dundee into service for a period; tried to make me genteel you know. She gave me a lovely outfit but it didna suit me, it was the worst thing she could have did because I saw right away the contrast between their homes and ours, you know, thons o the gentry and ours.

Your current browser isn't Wavy Gravy - Kenny Burrell - Midnight Blue with SoundCloud. Shifting, piecing and spinning were three jobs of work on the 'flett' - the platform on which the spinning machinery stood. The shifter was the person who removed Songs And Ballads Of Dundee bobbins from the spinning frames and replaced them with empty ones.

These workers were also called 'doffers' [ Some parts of this song are likely to have been taken from an older song.

Charlie Lamb heard from his father that 'ten and nine' [ten shillings and ninepence] was the pay rate for jute workers before the First World War, in the form of a gold half-sovereign and ninepence. Although small in stature, Mary was an active spokesperson for the working class in general and the jute millworkers in particular.

At the age of thirteen Mary began work as a shifter [ To quote Nigel Gatherer [ Intervistata da Hamish Henderson in merito alla canzone Mary disse " Only the ditty, 'Oh dear me, the mill's gaen fest, the puir wee shifters…' The verses are all mine. And that verse, 'to feed and cled my bairnie ' was brought to me by a lassie who was worried. It wis hard lines if she, ye hid an illigitimate child and Fly With Me - Various - Eclectic Dance Volume One had to pay for it aff that meagre wage, you know what I mean, and she used to say, oh I wish The Jute Mill Song - Various - Coorse And Fine day was done.

And eh, tell me her troubles, her trackleswhat she hid tae dae for her bairn and that, nae help that sort o' thing, and that brought that tae mind. And then I used to think on my own aboot how ill divided the world wis. Oh dear me, the mill's gaun fast, The pair wee shifters cannae get their rest. Shiftin' bobbins coorse and fine, They fairly mak ye work for your ten and nine. Oh dear me, I wish the day were done, Rinnin' up and doon the paths is nae.

Shiftin', piecin', spinnin', warp, weft and twineThere's nae much pleasure livin', affen ten and nine. It was a Songs And Ballads Of Dundee sight to see women, after a long ten-hour-day in the mill, running to the stream wash-houses with the family washing.

They worked up to the last few days before having their bairns.


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9 thoughts on “ The Jute Mill Song - Various - Coorse And Fine, Songs And Ballads Of Dundee

  1. Goltibar says:
    The Jute Mill Song. Play MIDI. A song by Mary Brookbank. Chorus O, dear me, the mill is running fast And we poor shifters canna get nae rest Shifting bobbins coarse and fine They fairly make you work for your ten and nine. O, dear me, I wish this day were done Running up and doon the Pass is nae fun Shiftin', piecin', spinning warp, weft and twine.
  2. Votaur says:
    Class listen to The Jute Mill Song – available on YouTube, followed by a class/group discussion. Question: What do you think this song is about? Mary Brooksbank () was a “mill lassie” all her life, working in the Dundee jute mills from the age of twelve. The song tells her hard life working in .
  3. JoJoshakar says:
    The band also accompany Annie Watkins, and Ballads of Dundee born in the hilltown and 73 years old when the album was recorded, as she sings in majestic voice the famous Beefcan Close and her own Ma Bonnie wee Lochee Lass. Birlinn (Edinburgh ). Dundee group Lowland Folk sing the Dundee whaling song The Balaena and Mary Brooksbank’s Jute.
  4. Arashidal says:
    The Dundee Lassie: Written by Mary Brooksbank. The Jute Mill Song: Written by Mary Brooksbank. Tired o' Workin' From Jim Reid. The song started out as a poem from 'Lays and Lyrics from the Factory' (David Carnegie, ). Jim rewrote the words and added the tune. Auld Maid In a Garret: From the singing of Maureen Rooney, Dundee. Betsy Bell.
  5. Voodoohn says:
    To quote Nigel Gatherer in his notes on Mary Brooksbank in his Songs and Ballads of Dundee (): “Her songs of the mill and the hardships of the jute workforce are from first-hand experience and invaluable in telling the story of the demise of the industry.” Ewan McLennan sang The Jute Mill Song in on his Fellside CD Rags & Robes.
  6. Fenrisida says:
    Karan Casey The Jute-Mill Song Lyrics. The Jute-Mill Song lyrics performed by Karan Casey: Oh, dear me, the mill runs fast The poor wee shifters cannae get their rest Shifting bobbins course and fine They fairly make you work for your ten and nine.
  7. Doull says:
    The album includes many of Jim's finest songs including his setting of Helen Cuickshamk's poem Shy Geordie as a song Up The Noran Water and his own ballad Vinney Den. The title song The Wild Geese/ The Norland Wind written as a poem by the Angus poet violet Jacob and set to music by Jim has now become a classic.
  8. Arashijind says:
    Mary Brooksbank in Chapbook Vol 3 no.4 said about this song: “The original of that went like this: ‘Oh, dear me, the mill’s gaen fast, The puir wee shifters canna get a rest, Shiftin’ bobbins coorse and fine, Wha the hell wad work for ten and nine.’ “That was a’ there was of it, just one verse.
  9. Tulrajas says:
    I was so glad to see your web site had Mary Brooksbank songs, especially the Jute Mill Song. I am doing a thesis on Mary Brooksbank and I thought you might like this piece of information regarding the Jute Mill Song. This is an excerpt from an interview with Mary regarding the origin of the song itself.

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