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Queen Of The Dead - Exorcist - Nightmare Theatre

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Because listening to Exorcist is the equivalent of watching an old styled Creature Feature on a Saturday Night when you have fuck all to do. It really does. I rarely hear metal albums that give out a good campy feel to their music; of course this was produced in the 80's so it's going to have a real Bona fied sense of fun mixed in with "Yeah we really are Queen Of The Dead - Exorcist - Nightmare Theatre musicians who are putting out good music" seriousness to it.

Before I even go into describing the music, I just want to say something about the artwork; I love it. No, not like I LOVE this album's artwork. It's almost like looking at the cover of some cruddy old, disintegrating VHS box cover in some random mom and pop video store that time somehow forgot where you can still also find and actually rent the original 80's big box version of Italian Horror movies.

In fact the artwork almost has a striking similarity to 's "Night of Horror" with the plastic Halloween masks and slime dripping off them. Whatever, or whomever decided on the final artwork knew what they were doing; they were giving the listener some rather scrumptious eye candy. The music Yes there are subtle hints of Black metal, but this music is about as far away from black metal as it gets; I don't even rank it anywhere near the first wave of black metal bands.

Take the over-the-top humor of Piledriver, the theatrics of W. It's an odd amalgamation that works. Not only does the music draw-up everything that reeks about the 80's, but they even go for broke with half of the songs on here being 30 second 'intros' that resembles stories. Which again adds to the horror element of their music. And that's it. It's disheartening because if you're like me and you really love this album you are still waiting for some rare demos to pop-up and be pressed onto CD from a label like Hell's headbangers.

Forget it, jack; they only made one album. But for only one album it's more enjoyable, more campy, and more fun than a lot of other albums I own. If you want to pass-up this album for something more 'polished' and 'serious' than by all means go listen to the new Morbid Angel, but you are seriously denying yourself a fun album.

The sole album of this Virgin Steele project is, in my Marie, Marie - Marlene Dietrich - Der Blonde Engel - 25 Lieder, a prime example of when the side band eclipses the primary in quality.

It's a shame that this was the only album officially released and we never got another, yet we've been buried in Virgin Steele albums over the years, only a few of which have ever been worthwhile. The fact that this material could have actually been a Steele album is amusing. But this isn't about that other band, it's about Exorcist, the kick-ass one off. David Defeis vocals on this album, i.

One might actually draw a decent comparison to that Canadian band, yet this album is a little faster and dare I say meaner. There are quite a few tracks here, 15 in total, and just about every one kicks ass. A few of them are intro pieces such as "The Invocation" and "The Hex", very campy vocal ritual chants but they fit in well with the occult theme of the record. But the rest are pure gold. there are no losers on the album, so just take your pick.

I have to re-iterate it's a shame this band didn't continue. They do deserve their place as cult legends alongside stuff like Possessed and Mercyful Fate, even though they had less output, it's clear this stuff had a healthy influence on the early death metal scene.

I also note some parallels to the band Ghoul who I have recently covered. Similar masks on the cover of this album, the fact it was a side project and the band used alias stage names.

Supposedly there were plans for a second Exorcist Queen Of The Dead - Exorcist - Nightmare Theatre that may have Secret Love - Various - Serious Hits 98 Volume 8 seen the light of day.

David Defeis, you know what to do. Finish it. Or just write a new one. This was amazing. The world Queen Of The Dead - Exorcist - Nightmare Theatre use more. Virgin Steel playing early occult blackened thrash metal?

Hell yeah! And what an album! This is something so weird that is even so difficult to image, also referring to the results…in Venom are at the top for their music and lots of group decided to embrace those sonorities that were fresh air in a continue musical evolution. Exorcist too took this road and decided to mix heavy metal, speed influences and horror music.

Useless to say how much I love these sonorities, when the production was perfect for the rituals in a desolated forest and the music was really something extreme for the period.

Sometimes they reminded me Only Love - Michael Brydenfelt - Romantic bit the very first Onslaught on their debut Power From Hell. The sounds are more or less the same as the way the music was played. The solos are in pure early Slayer style, as the sound is very similar too.

As a whole it's a great presentation. Also are new "unearthed" Exorcist tracks, but in reality they are new tracks by Defeis recorded in the Exorcist vibe that finally let him be his Steele vocals self along with his "Damian Rath" dark half for which he was credited as on the original album.

These new tracks are interesting, including two re-records of "Death By Bewitchment" and "Queen Of The Dead", where he seems to be dueting with both halves of himself! I know I say this a lot, but for an album that Queen Of The Dead - Exorcist - Nightmare Theatre first heard in my mid-teens to affect me so much as this, I truly mean it.

Finally, I'd like to add that if Mr. Defeis ever reads this, I'd like to thank him. A truly original piece of concept-album music for an era of Metal that will never die. It still sounds as fresh and downright scary as it did in Your personal remaster was well done.

Hopefully with this, a new generation of fans will Queen Of The Dead - Exorcist - Nightmare Theatre it, making you realize that even great moments can come out of duress. As you as the small child at the ending of the album says "All thanks to the Exorcist, God Bless You.

Just kidding. Oh, and what about the "third" album I was talking about? That final project was called "Original Sin" and was supposed Istanbul - Leo Addeo And His Orchestra And Chorus - Far Away Places be an all-girl band.

Sounding like a musical continuation of Nightmare, but with a gothic female lead, it in itself is it's own story. Thanks for reading, and thanks to the Exorcist!

Metal Archives loading Username Password Login. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. Privacy Policy. Buy from The whole truth came to light only decades later when legendary Virgin Steele singer David DeFeis confirmed that he not only handled the mix of the record but was also responsible for the entire concept and of course the lead vocals. There is still confusion about it and all sorts of wrong information out there on the internet.

We cut all the music the first day, and on the second day we did all the vocals and guitar solos, and then started mixing. I knew exactly what I wanted to do prior to going in, so I was able to work very quickly. Queen Of The Dead - Exorcist - Nightmare Theatre also read a lot of horror or supernatural type Queen Of The Dead - Exorcist - Nightmare Theatreso there was that influence, and for that album I really dove into a subject that has interested me since the fifth grade: the Salem Witch Trials ofand all that went on during that period in history.

For some reason I have always been drawn to that particular time and place. Maybe I am the reincarnation of John Proctor! I began reading about the whole witchcraft epidemic in elementary school.


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  1. Fezshura says:
    As could have been expected, the concept of»Nightmare Theatre«was at least partly influenced by horror film culture: “Horror films probably had somewhat of an influence, as yes, I am very much a horror film fan. I still love the movie»Horror Hotel«, which is in black and white and has a kind of»Nightmare Theatre«type ambiance.
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    Listen free to Exorcist – Nightmare Theatre (Black Mass, The Invocation and more). 15 tracks (). Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at dakcse.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfo
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    Mistress of the Dead (2) Mono (2) Mons Veneris (2) Moon (2) Mort Garson (2) Mortician (4) Mouth of the Architect (2) MPB (2) Murderous Vision (1) Nahar (2) Necrofeast (1) Nehëmah (2) neoclassical (28) neofolk (32) neosoul (2) new age () new wave (48) Nihil Nocturne (2) Niteflyte (2) no-wave (3) noise () noise rock (48) Oi! (1) Oneiroid Psychosis (5) Onirik (2) Orenda (2) outsider (16).
  4. Gushakar says:
    Sadly, and I do mean sadly, like many of the labels of that era, Cobra Records folded before the decade ended. Because of that, Nightmare Theatre never got a CD release (outside of a few bootlegs mastered from the vinyl). Over thirty-years passed, and just recently Defeis has come out to admit he was the one behind Exorcist.
  5. Zolokree says:
    Delirante engendro único en la historia del Metal, clásico de culto ochentero, tan genuino como los relatos de la saga Creepshow o las películas de pandilleros con acné que se transforman en demonios mientras celebran una fiesta en un parque de atracciones abandonado, a quienes, de hecho, parece rendir homenaje esa monumental portada, equiparable t.
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    Exorcist - Nightmare Theatre () Call for the Exorcist 7. Death by Bewitchment 8. The Trial 9. Execution of the Witches Consuming Flames of Redemption Megawatt Mayhem Riding to Hell Queen of the Dead Lucifer's Lament The Banishment Do you wanna paaaaaaaaartay!? Posted by DEAR_SPIRIT at AM.

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