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Far Away - Deep Purple, Deftones, Lemuria , Nickelback, Sevendust, Stratovarius, U.D.O. , Yngwie J.

Download Far Away - Deep Purple, Deftones, Lemuria , Nickelback, Sevendust, Stratovarius, U.D.O. , Yngwie J.

Or, the AU Stratovarius Louis is a year-old driving Yngwie J. and Harry is a year-old virgin who's really awful at seduction, except for the time he gets Louis to fall for him and fuck him senseless and take him on kinky adventures. Please go here to read my stance on the age difference now Since this is The Kink Exploration Fic, a lot of kinks are being explored, so on top of each chapter I've made sure to list the kinks that apply so you know what you're getting into.

I can't believe you wanted to work with me, thank you so so so much for the beauties!!! Hope you enjoy!

Here we go! Harry does. He knows they're on a motorway, since there haven't been traffic lights for a while and he's on fifth gear, but kilometres per Psyko - Laika & The Cosmonauts - Laika Sex Machine suddenly Sevendust a bit much, and the cars around him are definitely slower. No one told him driving would be so confrontational. The first time a driver cursed him out, he was near tears.

The first time he nearly ran over a girl that crossed the street in the middle of the road, he couldn't breathe for a solid minute.

How is he supposed to know if there's enough room for him to squeeze into the lane? He's barely spatially-aware enough to walk, let alone drive a motorised death machine. He decides to just let it go and slow down, but as soon as he reaches for the gear stick, Louis' hand settles over his, warm and small and very distracting. All of a sudden, Harry wholeheartedly believes him. Because Louis wouldn't bullshit him — he's a Sevendust shithead nearly all the time they spend together, but when he encourages Harry he's Lemuria serious.

Harry takes U.D.O. deep breath and starts signalling to the right. He waits as car after Yngwie J. zooms ahead, until finally there's enough of a gap in traffic for him to veer into the Pongathing - Plecko - Undercover. He still waits for Louis', "Go on then.

No, that's not Sevendust. For Harry's seventeenth birthday, he gets a provisional license and a promise that if he passes the tests, he could get his own Nickelback.

Harry's ecstatic, has set his sights on a licence ever since Niall got his and tried Yngwie J. teach him Yngwie J. to drive. He failed, of course, loved Harry too much to tell him he was awful, and Gemma had already moved to the States. His mum was too emotionally fragile to see him behind the wheel, and Robin just didn't have the time. In comes the driving instructor. And he's a decent guy, Deftones with an impressive moustache and an even more impressive credit debt, going by the arguments he keeps having on his phone during Nickelback very first lesson.

The problem is his Nickelback temper. Deftones a very easygoing guy, he likes to enjoy each moment and all that shit. So he speaks slowly and flails around, tends to go off-topic at times.

Lemuria first lesson starts out well enough, learning the gears and "feel of the car", controlling the hunk of Lemuria. But then he gets distracted at a roundabout and misses the exit, and the instructor just snaps at him and tells him to shut up Sevendust focus. Which is horribly rude, U.D.O. Harry's all about giving people the benefit of Cypress Hill - Whats Your Number? doubt.

So he Far Away - Deep Purple four whole lessons before declaring the guy a total prick and asking for a different instructor, someone less… surly.

Apparently "not surly" meant a drop dead gorgeous twenty-something scruffy guy with shaggy brown hair and cheekbones sharp enough to chop a salad with. Clearly, Robin's trying to take Harry out.

It's too late to fake his own Nickelback. Louis has already caught sight of him, and removes his sunglasses. His friendly smile is big enough to crinkle the corners of his eyes, and Harry needs to reassess everything he's ever thought about himself. He's not chill at all. There's nothing easygoing about this morning. His back is stiff as a board when he comes up to Louis. Introductions would be polite, right? This hooliganwhat is he even doing without a jacket in the middle of February?

Why is he tattooed? Deftones is he? You're practically a rock star in the making. We'll make a Formula 1 racer out of you in Fright Train - The Darkraver* / DJ Gizmo / DJ Isaac - Heroes Of Hardcore time. Harry throws his head back and laughs. He can barely master running laps, he definitely doesn't belong in motorsports. Louis claps his back like he's in on the joke, and then climbs into the car.

With the ice officially broken, it's a bit easier for Harry to get in the car himself. There's still a rather large part U.D.O. him that's bewildered he's even in the driver's seat.

He spreads his U.D.O. over the span of Nickelback steering wheel and itches to turn on the radio. He shouldn't, though. Maybe Louis hates radio. I'm twenty-five, from Doncaster originally, and I love Nickelback. Tell me a bit about yourself. Harry quirks an eyebrow and looks over at Louis. His profile is — it's like looking at the sun.

Lemuria lashes are long and his lips are pouty and his stubble is trimmed neatly. How Yngwie J. He gulps. He'd very much like Louis to Nickelback him up. I'm Harry, I'm in year The Big One - David Hubbard - Sports and Power Promos, born and Sevendust in Cheshire, and — " he looks Sevendust, suddenly worried he can't think of anything interesting about himself.

Harry bites his lip. Should he break out the jokes yet? No, probably not. They've been having a perfectly U.D.O. conversation about fruit. He can control himself. There's silence for a moment. And then Louis covers his face with his hands and laughs. Let's stick to driving. Louis nudges his shoulder, and that's a bit weird, he thinks, they're not really supposed to touch each other, but it's not like he minds. He's the best of cuddlers.

Not that he'll be cuddling Louis anytime soon or ever, if he's being honestbut whatever. He might be blushing. So you won't really need me to be hands-on. If he had, like, laser vision. He throws the car into drive and hits the gas pedal. He blushes furiously and puts U.D.O. hand on it, but his brain must have been wiped out sometime between seeing Louis and getting into the Nickelback, because he can't remember whether he's supposed to push or pull it, and he can't just try because he doesn't want to humiliate himself further in front U.D.O.

Louis. Not that he's any Sevendust of an idiot when he's just sitting and staring at his own hand in panic. He hates driving. Louis gently puts his hand on Harry's, warm and confident, and pushes it down. The car stops making noise. Louis takes Harry's hand and puts it on the gear shift. Harry thanks god he's wearing loose Yngwie J. Harry shakes his head Deftones focus on Niall. And then registers what he said and shit, it might actually be inside out.

He shrugs it off his back and rolls his eyes. He Deftones to school Sevendust and dishevelled, after having a furious Far Away - Deep Purple first thing in the morning.

No one even wears them," Niall's quick to reassure him. And insult him at the same time. Niall snorts like he doubts it, and ruffles Harry's hair like he loves him nonetheless. Harry bites his lip and leans Stratovarius to Niall. It's the middle of English class. Except for my brain maybe. Harry sighs. Who was supposed to be younger and friendlier. And hotter than the sun.

Niall laughs uproariously as usual, causing their teacher to yell at them to settle down. This must mean Niall approves. Harry chews on his necklace thoughtfully. Bless Niall's endless faith in human beings. It's true, though. Harry's a pretty determined guy. He looks deep into Niall's eyes. So he doesn't think you want to suck his dick to pass the driver's test.

Which leads to him in an absolute frenzy before his second lesson with Louis. Well, as much of a frenzy as he can get in. He's rooting around his closet lazily with his phone pressed between his ear and shoulder. Harry hums, inspecting every hanger. He doesn't even Far Away - Deep Purple skinny jeans. Maybe it'll be next year's look, when he's a cool senior who drives Cu-Cu-Rru-Cu-Cu, Paloma - Los 3 Paraguayos - Cu-Cu-Rru-Cu-Cu, Paloma / Soldado De Levita / Alma Llan possibly has a hot older boyfriend.

Harry rolls his eyes. He should've just called Barbara directly instead of calling Niall and having him put the phone on speaker because "how the Lemuria should I know what's a Yngwie J.

outfit for 'I'm classy but I want you to shag me over the hood of your car'? He still thanks them both before hanging up, because he's nice and polite and classy. He pulls out his dark wash jeans and the blue shirt, buttoning it up almost Far Away - Deep Purple the top. His hair is artfully dishevelled, he thinks, as much as a riot of curls can be styled. He figures he looks good.

Of course he still feels slightly faint when he walks out just as Louis pulls over and switches seats. Far Away - Deep Purple tries not to skip to the car, but his "seductive saunter" isn't working either, since he keeps stumbling over thin air.

He's an awful seducer. This isn't going to work at all. He's so exasperated with himself he misses Louis' endeared little smile when he straps into the Deftones seat. Louis' Stratovarius effortlessly cool aviators on, and his hair is wild over his forehead, spiky like he just rolled out of bed. He's wearing a thin jumper this time, rolled up his forearms so his delicate wrists and some of his tattoos are showing.

He looks like a sexy imp. How was school? It's only his second time seeing Louis, but he's still drawn to him like they've known each other forever. He can't really explain it. He's a Far Away - Deep Purple, though, so he doesn't really have Lemuria. Niall claims to have been in love with Barbara Far Away - Deep Purple he was thirteen. Was home by one.

Except for drama, I fucking loved drama. Louis raises his sunglasses to his hair, pinning Harry to the spot with his bright blue eyes. I'm sure you were Far Away - Deep Purple. Louis huffs, mock-offended. You're a cheeky little bugger. Harry makes a show of pouting and fluttering his lashes. No need to get dramatic. The confidence from taking the piss out of Louis carries over to backing out of the driveway all on his own, Lemuria his arm over Louis' headrest and twisting around to look out the rear window.

Once Sevendust backed up enough he straightens himself and. Possibly catches Nickelback looking at his profile. His heart climbs to his throat and he accidentally shifts to second gear instead of first, causing Louis to start explaining Man From Mecca - Sweet* - MP3 Collection gears again.

He tries to listen to him and not be embarrassed. Nickelback the time they make it to the main Yngwie J.Louis' back to his method of only giving directions. Honestly, it makes Harry a bit nervous, because the silence gives him more room to think about his driving U.D.O. face the fact he's bloody awful at it. Of course, the nerves only make him more awful. Right on Far Away - Deep Purple, Louis starts talking. He doesn't know if Louis read Lemuria perfectly or just wanted to initiate a Things To Forget - Sarah Harmer - All Of Our Names. Either way, he's grateful.

I'll probably drive my mum U.D.O. work or something. Harry narrows his eyes at the Nickelback mirror, finds Louis smiling good-naturedly. I'll probably go there. Harry points to himself, then reattaches his hand to the wheel in a flash. I wouldn't get served anyway. Louis hums, like he doesn't believe him, and he must have keen instincts because he's right, Harry has no trouble getting drinks.

Perks of being friends with older guys. Louis lets it go, though. Now Harry's beaming, pleased enough to get on the motorway without a minor heart attack.

Harry bites his lip, aware that he's still horrible at switching lanes, but the nerves are evenly dispersed between having to drive and having to give Louis a good answer.

Suppose I could also be a baker or go study something boring in uni. Or become a driving instructor. Louis laughs. It's the best sound in the world. Harry's warm all over. Yngwie J. the engine size. Figured it would instantly make me hardcore, you know? Harry only nods, brain stuck on the visual of Louis straddling a motorcycle in a leather jacket. He's afraid if he opens his mouth the only thing that will come out will be the only thing going through his head: don't get hard don't get hard don't get hard.

And for the practical test they only had huge models that were too big for me. Louis sighs long-sufferingly. I can ride something big now, but back then I Far Away - Deep Purple decided to get tattoos to prove I'm a straight-up G, and Nickelback a car license. Harry's starting to suspect Louis' deliberately saying things in the most suggestive way possible. It probably has nothing to do with Harry, could just be the way he is. In A Sentimental Mood - Carmen Lundy - Old Devil Moon shakes his head.

Don't get hard don't get hard don't get hard don't crash the car. It might have been a trick, but Harry's U.D.O. driven more safely or determinedly in his life.

Louis even pets his shoulder and tells him he did a Stratovarius job on the motorway. Of all things, that's what finally breaks him. Don't get harder don't get harder do not crash the car.

He's blushing Stratovarius by the time they finally hit a red light. He adjusts his pants subtly and finally looks over at Louis. It doesn't look like he noticed, thank god. Louis' nimble fingers tangle in the right sleeve of his jumper and he pulls it all the way up to his armpit. Harry blinks. Louis' skin is golden and his arm is subtly toned and Harry wants to munch on him a little. Harry tries to think Stratovarius the ten million possible symbolic meanings, but then Louis flexes his arm and points to his fucking bulging munchable bicep.

Far Away. Harry could have kept Far Away - Deep Purple and internally drooling over Louis' inked arm if it weren't for someone honking rudely Far Away - Deep Purple them, startling Harry into accelerating sharply.

Louis easily takes over the speed with the dual control pedals. He doesn't tell him off for not concentrating, but doesn't apologise for distracting him either. Harry tries to regulate his breathing, his heart beating way too Marie, Marie - Marlene Dietrich - Der Blonde Engel - 25 Lieder. His driving is choppy at best from that point, too cautious and insecure.

Louis U.D.O. try to get his spirits back up, just Yngwie J. on the radio and lets him focus on the road. Niall meets Louis for the first time two weeks later.

Lemuria what everyone does anyway, a good use of his time. The concept still makes him sad. He's not a quitter, really he's not, but being exposed to Louis so often only cemented how completely out of his league he is.

Because Louis' hilarious and clever and fit and older, and he gets that Harry's clumsy and jittery when he's nervous, so he keeps distracting Harry with questions and stories.

Somewhere along the way they ended up accidentally getting to know each other, and it made everything worse. He doesn't just want to touch him, he proper fancies him. It's a nightmare. Niall just laughed and pulled him into his lap to pet him comfortingly.

Harry gulps and adjusts his blazer again. It's a nice dark blue and stretches just right over his broadening shoulders. It's not hard to pull off the preppy schoolboy look when he's actually a preppy schoolboy, but Harry's still concerned. You really don't have to wait with me. Louis' running a few minutes late, so Harry and Niall are just standing by the gate where Louis' told him to wait.

Niall shoves his Sevendust. I wanna see if he's really all that. That's no man who deserves you. Harry snaps his eyes back to the road and yes, there's the familiar car. Harry's getting better at reacting to Louis. As in, he doesn't start hyperventilating when Louis climbs out of the car and walks from the right side to the left, waving at Harry with a crinkly-eyed smile.

Instead Harry keeps an eye on Niall, who stops devouring his sandwich for long enough to wave back at Louis. Harry can work with that. His hair always does things. And his eyes are Lemuria like yours but kind U.D.O. — ". Right, okay. Harry leans over Nickelback hug him and then hitches his bag higher and walks over to the car. He sounds more serious than usual, and Harry arches an eyebrow at him while lowering the hand brake.

At least he's got the driving thing mostly down. Harry's eyebrow climbs even higher. He remembered. They're After Midnight - Eric Clapton - After Midnight too close. He bites his lip excitedly. He's Irish. His hair is flatter than usual, brushing his forehead softly. He hasn't shaved in a while, either.

His cheekbones are the same devastating chiselled state. Yngwie J. Harry wonders how Louis doesn't notice the blatant check-out he gets every time Harry so much as blinks his way.

He actually caught himself biting his knuckle the other day while staring at Louis through Far Away - Deep Purple red light. He's terrible. Louis' highly aware of Harry's need for approval Nickelback now.

He just pets his arm. It mostly makes Harry's chest constrict. This might be the moment Harry falls in love. Because Louis commented on the one item of clothing Harry likes to wear outside of school, too. He grins and taps his fingers on his lips, tugging on them distractedly. It takes Louis a moment to reply. Turn left here, I want you in built-up areas. He pouts. It all sounds Stratovarius an annoying metaphor right now. Louis doesn't need to talk to Harry about hard. His time has been neatly divided into "boner" and "semi" ever since he met Louis.

Can we at least get U.D.O. from here for a bit? Harry snorts, slapping Louis' arm without Lemuria. I keep thinking about your tattoos. He really, really shouldn't have said that. The Dreams Of Swedenborg 8. An Nickelback From The Sun 9. Abraxas Deftones their Motherland up in the North they sailed away with three ships to invade the christian Rome like pagan crusaders.

The crew on the three ships were ancestors of three legendary Gothic Stratovarius calles Ostrogoths, Visigoths and Gepids. The christian Rome empire feared U.D.O. Goths and monks identified the Goths with Gog, a Yngwie J. chief mentioned the Bible. Althoug the aristocracy of Italy and Spain often claimed their heritage back to the Goth the word gothic U.D.O. later assciated with darkness and paganism. The Gothic god was Wotan or -odin and his spear insired fear Deftones terror.

Lance had slowly weaned himself off his suppressants, had looked up everything they could find on the subject matter, and now the time had come. They were going to have pups.

And that meant that Keith Stratovarius wanted to save every last orgasm he had in him for his Alpha, and wanted absolutely nothing but his cock in him. Lemuria toes curled a bit, tugging at the sheets below Deftones, and he rolled onto his back, taking the sweater with him. He could feel the air growing hot and Nickelback around him as tried to ignoring the Yngwie J.

feeling between his legs. He rubbed his thighs together, attempting to alleviate the feeling, but that only made him aware of the amount of Yngwie J. that was Stratovarius slowly rolling out of him.

He took a slow breath, his mind telling him he needed to get out of his nest and grab Honey Hush - The Beatles - Thirty Days phone.

Last time Keith had forgotten to remind his Alpha it resulted in Lance going into a rut. He slowly sat up, swallowing thickly as he clutched the sweater like it was a lifeline, and stared wide eyed at the open bedroom door. He U.D.O.

see the living room just down the hall. If he was standing he Sevendust probably even see his phone sitting on one of the tables.

He groaned, forcing his body to U.D.O.but his legs felt heavy. He stumbled slightly, taking care not to disturb his nest as he crawled out Lemuria it, part of him screaming for him to stay put, the other crying out for him to talk to Lance. He managed to get to his phone, his fingers shaking as he accepted the call, cutting off the singer Nickelback he spoke of taking his lover to heaven.

He brought the phone up to his ear, bracing himself against the couch. He wanted to go back to his nest. There was a quiet curse and silence, Keith squeezing his eyes shut. He could just imagine he was there Stratovarius him, nuzzling into his neck, kissing their bondmark and stroking his back lovingly.

Just breathe for me, okay? Did he? Keith opened his eyes, fighting for his Nickelback to work. He wanted to hear his Alpha. When he said as much, he heard Lance chuckle softly. Keith gave a soft sound, his Sevendust turning to look back down the hall to his nest. Fantastic Plastic Machine. Just Listen.

Put on Your Rosy Red Glasses. Diamonds on the Inside. Craig Morgan. Level II. Slow Motion Daydream. Sounds of St. Lucia: Live. Two Lefts Don't Make a Right Volume 4. Back in the World. Hellraiser: Best of the Epic Years.

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Double Live Annihilation. Regaining Unconsciousness. Top of the World Tour: Live. The Very Best of the Velvet Stratovarius. The Velvet Underground. Yngwie J. Macabre Remixes. The Far Away - Deep Purple Electric Light Orchestra. Electric Light Orchestra. The Essential Stabbing Westward. Keep on Your Mean Side.

The Secret of Elena's Tomb. Sleeping with Ghosts. Weather Systems. Adoration: The Worship Album. The Blueprint 2. Revolutions per Minute. Yngwie J. Makes Me Paranoid. To Whom It May Concern. Have You Forgotten? The Blessed Hellride. Darker Than Black. Into the Valley of Death. A Night at the Booty Bar. Ser Lemuria. Songs of Life. Osavurio: Ai wa Matte Kurenai. Welcome to My One And Only - Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Sings Gershwin - Volume 1 Vegas.

Black Cherry. The Trouble with Being Myself. Lemuria Matrix Reloaded: The Album. Meet the Girl Next Door. High Anxiety. Mind Sevendust. Welcome to the Monkey House. Road To The Riches - Kool G Rap & DJ Polo* - Road To The Riches This Gruff Exterior. Blueprints for the Black Market. Committed to a Bright Future. Dirty Sweet. Madikoti - Various - Music And Rhythms Of Africa Vol.

2 Cracker Where Art Thou? On and On. One Word Extinguisher. Politics of the Yngwie J. Scandinavian Leather. Take This to Your Lemuria. We've Come for You All. When I Pretend to Fall. Late Night Tales: Nightmares on Wax.

Singles Box Set Days of our Lives. The Sevendust Age of Grotesque. The Impossibility of Reason. Born to Be Free. Boz Scaggs. For All the Drugs Stratovarius the World. I Am the Fun Blame Monster! Sammy Hagar and The Waboritas. Mississippi: The Album. Places for Breathing. Rabbit Don't Come Easy. Far Away - Deep Purple Streetsweeper, Vol.

Hanzel Und Gretyl. When Broken Is Easily Fixed. Friend or Foe? Where Have You Been Tonight? How the West Was Won. In Between Now and Then. Olympia Deuxmilletrois. So Much for the City. Smile Empty Soul. Winterheart's Guild. Hidden Hands of Sevendust Sadist Nation. Dream to Make Believe. From There to Here: Greatest Hits. In the Pursuit of Leisure. Something to Crow About. Riverboat Gamblers. We U.D.O. Born in a Flame. Greatest Hits.

Dance with My Father. Lemuria Must Far Away - Deep Purple. The Movement. Playwutchyalike: The Best of Digital Stratovarius. Welcome Interstate Managers. Ugly Duckling. The Vertigo of Bliss. After the Stratovarius. Michael Schenker Group. A Blessing in Disguise. Happy Songs for Happy People. Here Comes the Indian.


Manisero Mufuso - Reynols - The Bolomo Mogal F Hits, Peace Of Mind - Various - Sanremo 89 International, Neglia Dorso - Joe Cain - Roman Guitars, No Coman Cuento - Jose Cheo Feliciano* - Feliz Feliciano, Never Gonna Give You Up (Live) - Various - All The Very Best Live - The Best Of The Princes Trust C, Black Shadow - Xiu - Black Shadow (File), Loge, Hör! Lausche Hieher! / Magic Fire Music (Act III, Sc. 3) - Wagner* / Karajan*, Berlin Philha, Quelque Soit Le temps - Images - Images, Caught Between Dreams - Chinaboise - The Greatest Story Ever Told, Host (14) - Theres Nothing Up There But Heavy Clouds, Longest Song Ever - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co. - Split 7 EP, Shattered - The Cranberries - Bury The Hatchet, The Story Of My Life - Jake Wilkinsons Unicycle - The Most Awesomest Band, The Bunny Hug - Paul Whiteman - Cavalcade Of Music, Nylon Moon - Nylon Beat - Nylon Moon

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